1-9 Varieties

Leggero - Intensity - 5

This medium roast blend is made from a mixture of high-quality coffee beans of African Arabica and Robusta. The coffee has a rich aroma with intense bitterness and gentle sour. The aftertaste is clearly expressed pleasant nutty notes. It’s a choice for those who like rich coffee with a strong personality.

Tonificante - Intensity - 7

The combination of strict proportions gives a distinct flavor of ripe citrus fruits with a light floral aroma and leads to a gentle sour taste. The aftertaste brings the aromas of almond and dark chocolate. Varieties of brands of coffee from Central and South America that are parts of this mixture add to the blend a creamy texture, making it bright and unusual and reflecting the strength of the energy drink.

Impulsivo - Intensity - 8

Smooth coffee, barely noticeable sourness and bitterness, good density. This is a classic espresso blend from selected Colombian and Brazilian Arabica with the addition of Robusta. You will enjoy a cup of coffee with a strong pleasant aroma and taste of dark chocolate, as well as long heavy-bodied aftertaste. The blend is perfectly suitable for making a traditional espresso and other coffee drinks based on it.

Eccitare - Intensity - 9

A great medium roast blend made from a mixture of high-quality Arabica beans Nicaraguan and African Robusta. This coffee is characterized by bright, pleasant aroma of almonds, high density and rich beautiful bitterness with slight of sourness. The aftertaste of chocolate and cognac notes cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Eccitare DECAF - Intensity 9

100% Colombian Arabica The chemical composition of this blend is different from the traditional decaf coffee by almost a total absence of caffeine. But the effect of this coffee is still there. Alkaloids included in this coffee are similar to caffeine. They contribute to enhanced blood circulation and sometimes lead to a slight increase in blood pressure as regular coffee.

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