Russiano Extra Strong

Rusiano - Shatun - 10+++

Strong and flavorful taste, chocolate aftertaste, and balanced concentration derived from the combination of selective South American Arabica and African Robusta. This is the ideal daytime coffee for every businessman in the fast-paced life of the city. The blend is made in the best traditions of French roasters.

*Shatun [ Шатун (Ru.)] A bear, which was awakened during winter hibernation. They are known to be dangerous and aggressive.

Rusiano - Blue Bear - 10++

“BLUE BEAR” RUSIANO is a perfect blend for the morning wake-up that is based on very fragrant coffees from Central America and Africa. The drink has a sufficient dense and moderate sour taste, rich and smooth, combined.

Rusiano - Red Bear - 10+

This superb blend of Arabica from different regions of Central and South America with a small addition of African Robusta will impress even demanding gourmets. It is a soft drink with a delicate slightly sour taste. Bitter and astringent flavor with hints of wine adds to the blend the energy of the East. If you get up with the first rays of the sun, the "RED BEAR"

The bigger - the merrier

Rusiano blends are offered in a collector gift case (3 boxes one of each variety) featuring the colors of the Russian flag.

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