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The Whole New Level of Coffee for Machine Brewing

NYXpresso™ coffees is a perfect product for office environment, cafe or restaurant, or any other environment, where lots of customers need to be served quality coffee quickly and affordably. The capsules designed for one of the most popular coffee machines allow you to provide gourmet coffee in minutes and out selection of 15 blends, including 4 flavored varieties provides your customers or employees with selection of great drinks corresponding to their personal tastes. Contact us to learn about our wholesale programs, discounts for large orders, benefits of annual subscription for coffee deliveries, etc.

What wholesale options are available?

There are several approaches to working with wholesale accounts we successfully employ and always ready offer. Currently we are offering the wholesale packages in the following form:

Food Store (Food Chain)

Adding a high grade coffee for a very popular machines to your inventory. Our products will looks good on your shelves and will show good sell-out rate ones your customers will learn that you offer Nespresso® compatible products and 3/4 of the price of original capsules or less. No commitment is required, and every time you re-order we will be offering you the best market option. The longer supply subscriptions will provide you with even more affordable options.

Food, Coffee or Office Supplies Distributor

Adding NYXpresso™ capsules to your catalog will not only provide your customers with popular product option (12 varieties, including four popular flavors), but reflect well on your overall inventory. Please remember - there are very few options for original Nespresso® products acquired in wholesale amounts. The options for quality compatible products are even more scarce.

The Nespresso® machines are gaining popularity by the day: due to their slick look, small sizes and reliability they are quickly gaining their momentum as smart choice for small office or the kitchen, and Nespresso® compatible supplies become more and more sought for.

White Label Options

Our product - your name on it!

The larger company always add something extra to their image, if their brand is visible on the items they offer to their customers. Whether cafe or restaurant or a large office will benefit a lot from offering coffee products with their logo on them. We will provide you with a complete process: the tasty coffee blend, branding and design, production, shipping the product and, if required getting a set of compatible brewing equipment.

Try NYXpresso

If you would like to give NYX a try before starting on our ongoing plan, ask us about a discount on shipping you the first order of all types of NYXpresso™ coffees.

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Collector Sets

Consider our collector sets of the strongest varieties we offer. Our 10+ (above scale of intensity) varieties can be provided in gift boxes specially designed for the types: one is based on the concept of energizing properties of coffee. The second one is based on the Rusiano theme.